1 / Why should I hire you?

With nine years of journalism training under my belt and a slew of clips to prove it, my brain is built to identify areas of improvement in any piece of writing. Plus, I love it: There's nothing like the satisfaction of marking up a piece of writing to make it stronger. Most of my time is spent reading, writing, writing some more, re-writing, revising, and editing to my heart's content. And best of all, I love helping others improve their written craft, too. I can't wait to help with yours.

I earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and a master's degree at the NYU Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program, where I learned from award-winning science journalists.

2 / What clients will you take?

Anyone! Most of my clients tend to be high school, college or graduate students who want high-quality edits and rich feedback on their admissions essays. But I've also edited content for startups, looked over important emails, given feedback on cover letters, and more. The only pieces I won't edit are school assignments. I consider ghost writing on a case-by-case basis.

3 / Great, so how does this work?

To submit a request, send me an email through my contact form, and let me know you're interested by including something along the lines of "Writing Coach Request" or "Editing Services" in the subject line. I will respond to requests within 24-48 hours with rates and answers to any questions you might have. I can't wait to hear from you!

4 / What can I expect?

I take a deep-dive into any editing project: Usually, the more comments and red text, the better. Once I've read and edited your written work, I will send it back to you within a reasonable time frame based on any limitations or deadlines you express to me in your request. I charge by word count, which I will outline for you in email. (Whether your word count increases or decreases after edits is irrelevant to the amount I charge. I use your base word count to determine rates.) For an additional charge, we can also set up a one-on-one video call to discuss my suggestions, answer your questions and chat about anything else you like.

Now what?


submit a request

Fill out my contact form with your name, goals, approximate word length, budget, and deadline (if applicable). *Please include "Editing Services Request" in the subject line.


follow up

I will follow up with you within 72 hours with more details about pricing. Then, we can talk about your goals for your piece of writing.



I will leave detailed line edits and suggestions in your program of choice: Word or Google Docs. After I return edits, we can discuss them or I can provide a second round of edits.


[optional] zoom chat

If you wish to discuss your edits or writing at length, we can hop on a 30- or 60-minute Zoom call for an additional fee.

What people are saying

"One of the best decisions I’ve made when applying to dental school was to get my essays professionally reviewed by Marlowe. She works one-on-one with you to get your point across on your essays and makes sure that admissions know who you are. I can’t think of a better person or better service to go to when applying to graduate school."

@ University of florida

Brian Choi