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DOCUMENTARY PACKAGE / "Meet the Amazigh Nomads Fighting Climate Change in Morocco," PBS, Peril & Promise | Sept. 22

KIDS MAGAZINE FEATURE / "Fashion Inspired By Nature," Scienceline Special Project | Nov. 29









FEATURED / "Amid war, Ukrainian biologists fight to protect conservation legacy," Mongabay | Feb. 22

"Red-Handed," WUFT News | Aug. 1

"Indestructible," WUFT News | Feb. 8

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"New Florida Rules Would Tighten Restrictions On Invasive Reptiles" Fresh Take Florida, WUFT News | Nov. 6

"UF Researchers Turn To Sewage To Monitor COVID-19 On Campus," WUFT News | Oct. 7

Finalist: Society for Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards in Online In-Depth Reporting (2020)

"A Sacred Calling: End-of-Life Doulas," Senior Times Magazine | Sept/Oct

"For Poor In America, Sanitary Sewage Disposal Can Be Challenge" Fresh Take Florida, WUFT News | July 2

"DeSantis Signs Sweeping New Environmental Law For Cleaner Water" Fresh Take Florida, WUFT News | June 30

"Out of sight, still a blight," WUFT News | May 18

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"What's all the buzz about? UF introduces new beekeeping class," The Independent Florida Alligator | Jan. 9













"Ball or Nothing," The Panther | Sep. 30

"Little Women, astonishing acts," The Panther | Oct. 31

"Water We Doing?" The Fine Print | April 15




























"Heavener welcomes new eco-friendly business club," The Independent Florida Alligator | Sep. 22


























"You Can Now Fish For Snook In Cedar Key. Why? Climate Change, Most Likely," WUFT News | Dec. 2


























"Scholarship, yoga class honor late UF student," The Independent Florida Alligator | Oct. 15

"Committee postpones GatorWings hearing until mid-January," The Independent Florida Alligator | Nov. 21

"Letter from the Editor," The Panther | Nov. 29



























"Want to ban books?" The Panther | March 18



























"Syndee Winters: What a Ham(ilton)," The Panther | Feb. 28



























"So long, Princess: Actress and writer Carrie Fisher dies at 60," The Panther | Dec. 28



























"Students beat the sun for Beat T-Shirts," The Independent Florida Alligator | Nov. 1

FEATURED / "Convergence," The Panther | Oct. 10



























"Marchers protest church conference, alleges conversion therapy," The Independent Florida Alligator | Dec. 2


























"Krishna Lunch transitions to new compostable materials," The Independent Florida Alligator | Oct. 27

"Meet the UF student competing on 'Jeopardy!'" The Independent Florida Alligator | Jan. 31













"More than just another player," The Panther | March 22













"Dancing beyond the limelight," The Panther | April 30

"'Concussion' Movie Review," The Panther | Jan. 18

"Concussions: Behind the facemask," The Panther | Jan. 19


"The Evolution of American Music," The Panther | Jan. 31

"The harsh realities of mammograms," The Panther | Nov. 15

"Over-the-counter consequences," The Panther | Dec. 1

"Chasing Orchids," The Marjorie | Dec. 13

"Why don't humans have gills?," Life's Little Mysteries, Live Science | Feb. 18