Let me be your writing coach!

Struggling with an important admissions essay or application? Don't worry I have a natural knack for sculpting once-dull writing into a powerful punch. As a science journalist, I've built the most important editing skills: knowing how to tell a story, adhering to tricky grammar rules, condensing complicated language, and the list goes on. Whatever your needs, I'm happy (truly!) to help you get your words where they need to be. And, hopefully, you'll get a great lesson in editing and revising. 

Importantly, my editing isn't what you can get on Grammarly or other proofreading services. While I can't resist tweaking a misused comma here and there, the bulk of my editing is far deeper than surface-level fixes. That includes suggesting how to re-word a sentence, better ways to grab your reader in the first paragraph, rearranging sections to make more logical sense, spotting errors in language, and suggesting ways to strengthen the power of your words. If I know who your audience is, I know what you need to strengthen your writing.

*Note: I will NOT, under any circumstances, take clients who want me to edit or rewrite school assignments. That's cheating, and I'm not about it!